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Job Evaluation

What is job evaluation?

Job Evaluation compares different jobs to determine their ‘size’ and ‘value’, based on a range of established ‘factors’ – such as knowledge and skills, responsibility and working conditions.

As a result, it allows us to place jobs in rank order and forms the basis of our pay and grading structure.

To ensure fairness and consistency, and in compliance with equal value case law, job evaluation has to be carried out in a systematic and analytical way.

There are a number of different ways that this can be done. The Council has used one particular method – the National Joint Council Scheme – that was designed specifically for local government.

How does it work?

The NJC Scheme looks at 13 specific factors of work, which range from supervision and management of people, to decision-making responsibilities and knowledge and skills. Our new job descriptions have been designed to reflect these factors.

All of the factors have different levels within them. Points are awarded for each of these, based on an agreed scale of measurement.

Each job description is then manually checked against these factors and points are awarded accordingly, depending on the nature and complexity of each role. At the end of the process, the points are totalled and this decides the ‘size’ and ‘value’ of the role and where it sits in the overall rank order. This approach ensures that the process is carried out in a systematic and analytical way.

For a copy of the NJC evaluation criteria and local conventions, Please click here.

HAY Job Evaluation

Following consultation with collegues from the Trade Unions and the Councils Corporate Leadership Team, we have agreed to evaluate Principal Officer and Chief Officer graded jobs across the Council, using the HAY Job Evaluation Scheme.

We have agreed this decision with the Trade Unions in order to ensure that all types of posts in the ouncil are evaluated using a scheme that is fit for purpose.

The HAY Job Evaluation scheme is most often applied to senior management and lead proffesional jobs within organisations and usually has to meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Require a full professional qualification or equivalent and / or require significant relevant experiance.
  • Manage a significant Council function and / or have a substantial cross Council impact as the specialist in a major discipline.
  • Place a large amount of emphasis on achieving results through people and be accountable for the development of new approaches to delivery of service and / or the resolution of new complex problems.
  • Report directly to a Chief Officer role.

Briefings have been taking place, click here for a copy of the Briefing Presentation.

Staff will have the opportunity to submit supplementery information, which will be attached to the recent Job Descriptions that were recviewed and ammended. Please click here for a copy of the Guidance. or the Supplementary Information Form.